Aikido - is a form of Japanese martial arts, aimed at teaching people to defend themselves, using the power of the enemy, regardless of its weight, height and physical ability. Aikido promotes development in the human physical and spiritual strength, and discipline him.  

Can help you with online Sports Zelenograd Commercial Club. On our site you can find information about the instructors who teach in our club, learn the history of aikido. You can also view photos and videos from our activities, find the right course, and much more.

Classes are conducted by instructors with international diplomas aikido. Atestovanny deportamentom education.

Offers the following forms of training: the total group, the group of intense training, mini-group training on the individual program.

Besides basic Aikido in the training program includes the following additional disciplines: fencing traditional Japanese weapons, basic striking technique, throwing techniques, acrobatics, and a visit to the regional and international seminars.

Our club will purchase the necessary equipment for practicing aikido (Refer to the coach).
Presentation Borisov Cyril «Life on and off the mat...»

«Aikido - A path which always unites all the way of the universe, and this Universal Mind, which contains all and everything in common.»

Morihei Ueshiba